The FX3.3 series comprises mechanical 3-roll asymmetrical plate rolling machines, with one complete prebending.

The side roll (bending roll) is mounted on steel fl anges and bearings as standard, for maximum reliability and the lowest possible friction over time.

In these machines, the top and bottom rollers are rotated by a self-braking motor coupled to a reduction unit. The motorised pinching of the plate is performed by the bottom roll, which is raised and lowered in a straight line. One very interesting option is the installation of an INVERTER, to achieve a variable rotational speed control of the rolls. This option allows to reduce the speed in the early rolling stages, for better control and results, and also for time savings when processing large diameters. Another optional application is an increased gap between the top and bottom rolls. Compared to conventional machines, this feature allows the shaping of small, lowthickness square or rectangular tubular sections.


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