Omec, a company specialising in the construction of mechanical and metal structural parts for the sheet metal working sector, was established in 1973 on a site of 2,500 m2 at Viadana di Calvisano (Brescia, Italy), an area with a long history in working copper and iron.

Our thorough expertise is rooted in tradition, which we continue to develop with enthusiasm, forever looking forwards. This, and the abundant experience gained over the years, has led us to create FLEXO, the Omec line of plate bending machines, with a vast range of 3 and 4 roll machines for quality processing of small and medium-thickness metal sheets in a wide range of applications.


All machines in the “Flexo” line are designed, built and assembled using only select, certified materials.Their structure (including the shoulders, stiffeners, rolls, self-adjusting bearing blocks, hydraulic cylinders, pins, etc.) are generously sized for the machine’s loads and capacities, to guarantee optimal durability and reliability over time.

Thanks to the constant improvement of our processing technologies, continuing research, updating, product development and expert staff, we are able to offer a dynamic service which assists customers from design through to the customised construction of every machine, and on to sales consulting and after-sales service. This enables us always to guarantee unbeatable efficiency in our installation processes, with a swift response to all our customers’ needs and requirements.


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